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Longtion AutoRun Pro RUS

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Longtion AutoRun Pro RUS

Создайте и отредактируйте профессиональный интерфейс и генерируйте файлы для CD/DVD в среде WYSIWYG. Выведите на экран профессиональный и красивый интерфейс для пользователей, чтобы открыть или выполнить файлы, документы печати, послать электронное письмо, посетить Веб-сайты, просмотреть CD, звук игры, музыки и так далее, когда Ваш CD вставляется.

Display of every registered document (e.g.: TXT, DOC, HTML) via automatic start of the corresponding application.
Print of every registered document (e.g.: TXT, DOC, HTML) via automatic start of the corresponding application.
Start any program.
Start the default browser with document URL.
Send email.
Integrated Web browser.
Integrated sound player.
Integrated media player.
Integrated RTF (Rich Text) viewer.
Slide Show images (Photo album).
Background color, Gradient color and Transparent Form.
Background sound.
Splash screen.
Full screen background and logo image.
License agreement. You can display a license agreement before any files are launched. The user is required to accept the license in order to continue. If the user does not accept the license, then the AutoRun exits.
Security. You can protect your CD from being started by unlicensed users by requiring users to submit a User Name and Password or an Authentication Code.
Unlimited sub Form.
Form FadeIn, FadeOut.
Images include bitmap, icon, JPEG, EMF, WMF, GIF (Static or Animated), PNG images.
From template.
Object template.
CD Icon and Page icon can be displayed in the title bar.
Test without burning CD.
Burn project to CD-R/CD-RW directly with built-in CD Burner.
Publish project to new folder or USB Flash drive.
Create drop down menu bar (main menu), tool bar and status bar for forms like most standard windows to make your form more professional.
Create popup menu, you can define the pop-up menu that appears when the user clicks on an object or form background with the right mouse button, like most professional applications.
CD expire date, Specifies an expiration date for the CDs.
No registry entry necessary.
Runs from CD-ROM without installation.
No runtime module required.

ОС: Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7.

Скачать Longtion AutoRun Pro RUS

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